The Audit Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the reliability and integrity of financial reports and other financial information, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and with the Company's systems of disclosure controls and internal controls over accounting and financial reporting, and the auditing process. The Audit Committee performs these functions by serving as an independent and objective party to monitor the financial reporting process and the disclosure and internal control systems. The Audit Committee has the authority and responsibility to select, oversee the performance of, and replace the independent auditor, and to oversee the activities and select or replace the head of the internal audit department. The Audit Committee provides an open avenue of communication between the auditors, management, internal audit, and the Board; reviews accounting and auditing issues identified by the independent auditor and by management in order to assess their potential impact on the Company; reviews reports from the Disclosure Committee; and establishes the procedures to receive complaints regarding the ethics of financial officers. To review the complete statement of duties and responsibilities of this Committee, please see the Audit Committee Charter.
Charles E. Adair Harry J. Harczak , Jr. Bridgette Heller Karen Dahut
  • Member
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  • Financial Expert
  • Independent Director
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