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Letter from the Chairman


Tech Data pursues the highest standards of excellence in all areas of our business and takes pride in the quality of the solutions and services we deliver to our vendors, customers and other business partners. Our company is also committed to the financial leadership and fiscal responsibility we maintain on behalf of our shareholders. As one of Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies,” we also value our good reputation—which is critical to our success.

Both within Tech Data and in our business communities, the relationships we have built with all of our stakeholders are based on trust—and by extension, on our commitment to our Company’s shared values. Integrity and respect are at the forefront of our values, serving as the foundation for everything we do and how we treat each other, allowing us to build trust with our stakeholders every day.

Every member of the Tech Data team is personally responsible for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner. While the right choice may not always be the easiest or the quickest, making the right choices is always in the best interest of Tech Data, our business partners, our employees and our shareholders. Our commitment to our stakeholders and to each other does not stop at legal compliance—Tech Data is committed to doing what is right.


Robert M. Dutkowsky
Executive Chairman



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